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"Art and culture will be key in helping us overcome some of the most pressing global problems we face today. Only if we manage to leave self-interest behind and cooperate, on a global scale, will we be able to overcome imminent threats, such as global warming, transition into a sustainable future and be able to peacefully share our planet amongst 7 billion people and more. And it is not economics, not science, but art that can bring about a cultural shift to help us move forward."


Gloria Benedik

“Dance is one of the most beautiful forms of cooperation. Verbal language is an inefficient, incomplete form of communication that is prone to misunderstandings. Completing it by the physical, sensual, emotional, intuitive and spiritual spheres will provide a more holistic form of communication” 

              Christian Felber

We live in a rational age. Through my work as a dancer, I strive to move people, to provoke their thoughts, to open their minds, to reach their hearts and to compel them to act.

Gloria Benedikt

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