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ego ego ego -

Egon Schiele and our time



Commissioned by the Austrian Cultural Forum Budapest, Gloria Benedikt and the Hungarian dancer and choreographer Krisztian Gergeye, who had both created work on Egon Schiele before, embark on their first collaboration. ego ego ego - Egon Schiele and our time. It premieres at the Szépmúvészeti Múzeum, Budapest, in September 2013 on the occasion of the largest Schiele exhibition hosted in Hungary to date. 

What is there to be seen when being confronted with Schiele’s work today? A true contemporary, a genius embedded in commercialism, a lunatic?


To find an answer for itself, the audience is invited to follow a contemporary woman’s journey as she encounters the painter, who leads her to experience his work through her own body. Together they come closer to the fundamental question Schiele and the artists of his age were grabbling with: understanding the essence of humanity in light of looming cultural and political and economic destruction.

100 years later, Benedikt and Gergeye, two dancers of strikingly different backgrounds, found common ground through Schiele’s work and also in investigating the same question, as they sense a decisive moment, a moment where humanity seems to find itself at crossroads yet again.

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