The Doll of Kokoschka 

To overcome the break up with Alma Mahler, Oskar Kokoschka build a lifelike doll, which he took everywhere with him, and then, one drunken night in 1919, he killed her. In their second collaboration, Gloria Benedikt and the Hungarian dancer and choreographer Krisztian Gergeye take the famous amour fou as a starting point and end up digging deep in the souls of two individuals, who have shaped the cultural history of 20th century Europe, and ultimately the history of Europe itself.


The Doll of Kokoschka premiered at the Bridging Europe Festival, initiated by Ivan Fischer, at the Palace of Art in Budapest on Sept. 13th 2015 and has since been invited to Festivals in Szeged, Köszeg, Györ, Szombathely, Gheorgheni, Veszprem, and Sarajevo, while repeatedly returning to Budapest as part of the Palace of Art Programming by the Hungarian National Dance Theater.